The gospel of Jazz, according to Scott...

Face it, a lot of us are crazy, obsessed, into whatever "our thing" is way more than other people seem to be. And what's wrong with that? We spend every day doing something, so why not focus on the things we feel passionate about and dive in all the way?

Here's to the obsessive ones, the people who push it to the max, to the point where they can actually make a difference in other people's lives.

I'm not just talking about the Michael Breckers and Herbie Hancocks of the world either. I'm talking about everyone who gets fully committed to their passions in life, whether or not they happen to be a household name - the kind of people who through their personal commitment end up inspiring and helping everyone around them.

Looking at this in a jazz context, here's to the mutual admiration, respect, and support shared by all jazz lovers - musicians, students, and listeners alike. Getting as involved as you can with any aspect of jazz builds positive energy and strengthens our bond.

Jazz is a participation sport, not a competition. It's an art form that depends on all of us, and it's currently being obliterated by mass marketing. So if you love jazz, get out there and attend a live jazz show. Buy a CD. Donate to your public jazz station. Create some of your own music. Whatever... Make it a priority to do everything you possibly can to keep this beautiful, unique art form alive and well.

                                                                       - SK
©2006 – Scott Kyle, All Rights Reserved